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Unscrupulous EWF Leaders
        Date: July 8, 2021  
The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated is a 501(c) 4 charitable civic league, social welfare, membership organization which was incorporated in New York City in 1937 by orders of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia by His cousin, physician and Emissary, Dr. Malaku Emmanuel Bayen, with the cooperation and support of citizens of Harlem who were raising funds to aid Ethiopia when the country was invaded by Italy/Rome.

Its operations are guided by our Constitution and By-Laws, Robert’s Rules of Order, by New York State not-for-profit law, United States of America Federal regulations for not-for-profit 105(C)4 entities.

It has been determined that you, your cohorts and/or your organization have perpetuated gross violations against the organization and the membership by claiming to be the official Headquarters/International Executive Council of the organization and officers of the organization; misusing the EIN Number, Name and Personalty of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated without any legal right or proper permission to do so.

This letter is an OFFICIAL NOTICE and request from the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated (EWF, Inc.) on behalf of the organization’s worldwide membership and the legal and constitutional International Executive Council to you to immediately CEASE AND DESIST in your unsanctioned business activities being engaged under the name, acronym, the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or any other EIN number under the guise of THE ETHIOPIAN  WORLD FEDERATION, INC., its Headquarters / Board of Directors/the International Executive Council or presenting your person as a properly elected or appointed officer of a Local.

Following directives of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the New York State Attorney General’s office, based on evidence that you and your cohorts are operating as officers or have one or more business enterprises listed and operating illegally under the organization’s name and/or FEIN, (including improper and unauthorized use on websites and email addresses, social media etc.), this International Executive Council/Board of Directors is required to file complaints against you individually and as a group where it is thus indicated, with requisite government agencies in order to protect the integrity of the organization. 

This is also a demand for all past, non-functioning, suspended or imposter International and Local Officers to turn over all documents, seals, monies, websites, domain names, communications, e-mails names referring to the organization or an acronym (e.g. EWF or EWF Inc) and email communications, EWF, Inc. membership application forms received  and appropriate application fees and dues illegally collected, all bank account information representing the organization, all monies collected in such accounts, all relevant user-names and passwords to the internet and social media platforms and/or the Headquarters/Executive Council to this, the legal and constitutional Board of Directors/International Executive Council.

As your actions have caused undue abuse and hindrances to the progress of this organization and its worldwide membership, be forewarned that as per the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. Constitution Article 1 Section 7”. “…in cases where partisan, political or other issues tend to affect the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc., adversely in the carrying out of its aims and objectives, it shall be free to combat such issues with the best legal means at its disposal…”

This is a formal warning to you, your illegitimate entities and associates that the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. is empowered to engage all government agencies and “…the best legal means at our disposal…” to remedy the ingrained and continuous gross violations and abuses caused to our organization, its members, We, the Black Peoples of the World and thus the entire human race by your actions.   


This CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE is addressed specifically to the following (and more to come)

(A)   The organization known as [the] SHASHAMANE ETHIOPIA FEDERAL AGENTS ASSOCIATION (or other iterations thereof) and the individual presenting himself as the Head of that illegal entity and who uses a dead man’s name  –  CLAYTON MAHOLA BERNARD (and other iterations of the name and multiple aliases);

1. This SEFAA organization was brought into the Ethiopian World Federation illicitly by the group led by Arthur Reynolds and Linwood Fields who individually and with their associates are also being put on NOTICE by this DEMAND. “SEFAA” may have originated with particular Members from EWF, Inc. Local Number 2 in Los Angeles. 

2. SEFAA / Bernard may have created or acquired numerous Dunn & Bradstreet D.U.N.S. numbers using the name of The Ethiopian World Federation in order to participate in business activities using the organization’s name and personalty without the knowledge of the Executive Council or the members.

3. SEFAA / Bernard has filed possibly thousands of Third Party Creditor UCC claims against governments of the world – including Jamaica and the United States of America, against Shashamane (claiming all the body parts of the residents), businesses, government agencies, government officials including Congress men of the United States, etc. and even against the Judge who sentenced Bernard to prison a few years ago. 

4. NOTICE to all groups and individuals associated with this rogue organization and its “leader” that seeks to hijack and control The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated and its EIN Number for personal gain fueled by powerlust (he gives himself many titles, including “Plenipotentiary of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated and uses “Haile Selassie” as one of his numerous names);

5. NOTICE to all groups and individuals that seek to illegally gain ownership and control of the Shashamane Land Grant in Ethiopia that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie and Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Menen Asfaw, along with the government of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church provided for the Repatriation of the children of enslaved Africans in the Diaspora to Africa through the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated;  

(B)  Local Number 18, its leadership and members are also put on NOTICE TO CEASEAND DESIST as participants in this fraud against the EWF, Inc.  One of its officers, Cornell Washington presented himself to a public gathering of the fraudulent and unconstitutional “Interim Council” online as a spokesperson/ representative of SEFAA and explained that SEFAA was formed to protect the EWF because of the discord between members. 

When Fields formed his Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. to bring Bernard and the SEFAA into possession of the EWF, Inc., the International Executive Council was making progress, albeit being sabotaged covertly by actions of Reynolds and Fields as members of the Council. 

The Council had been given clearance by the Supreme Court of the State of New York when application was made to have our 2009 Election certified.  It was not certified but the Court acknowledge the election as valid, and in that same ruling, voided the 2008 and 2009 elections held by the Bronx group led by Emma Young and the Sundial Herbs family as they had challenged our Court filing.   

(C)  NOTICE TO THE EMPRESS IMA – EMMA YOUNG/ SUNDIAL GROUP.  In 2010 the Court again denied that group connected to Local 27 in the Bronx as they sought an Order to approve their Parliamentarian Robert L Sims Jr. to preside over a 2010 Convention in Jamaica, and for the Court to give them as the “Presiding Council” – all Rights, Title and Privileges associated with such office. 

The Court’s immediate Response by July 15 to their carefully crafted last minute July 14 filing was:  “DENIED DECISION AND ORDER JULY 15.”  They still called that Convention and received full approval from an obviously compromised Parliamentarian.  They still continue to call Conventions, particularly with their cohorts in the UK.  

(D)  NOTICE to Barrymore Tittle (Mora) who worked closely with the Emma Young group, who has presented himself to members in other states as capable of chartering Locals and who “incorporated” three different Locals at adjoining addresses in New York City and registered them under his signature with the IRS. He may have also changed the address of Local One to an Albany Avenue address on more than one occasion without the knowledge of Local One Executives and members.

He was never elected President of the EWF, Inc. or President of Local Number One at any time and had no permission to charter Locals.  Some time ago complaints were received from members in the Miami area that he had misled them into believing he could form a Local and took monies from them.  

(E) NOTICE to all individuals who have served with the fraudulent Reynolds/Fields group that have illegally and unconstitutionally misrepresented themselves to the membership and government authorities as the International Executive Council since 2012, when as two outcasts from the International Executive Council they called their own “Convention”.  You are hereby put on NOTICE and face suspension of your membership and other possible disciplinary and legal actions if you continue your activities with these groups.  

(F)  This NOTICE also includes and is directly addressed to Dr. Rayburn who was put up as a supposedly upstanding front man to represent the most fraudulent Ethiopian World Federation imposter group by the above purveyors and promoters of the Shashamane Ethiopia Federal Agents Association. 

It is to be noted that Dr. Rayburn was made aware of the transgressions of this group against the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  He acknowledged their misrepresentation and stated that he had turned away from  them, but still expressed a strong desire to hold on to his ill-begotten “Presidential position” and is proceeding thus. 

(G)  THIS NOTICE IS ALSO DIRECTLY ADDRESSED TO THE AD HOC GROUP OF EWF, INC. MEMBERS, and in particular their “leaders” who have decided that they are the Executive Council and are in the process of calling an unconstitutional Convention of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated without any legal or Constitutional right to do so.  They are aware that this is the prerogative of Local Number One if there is no functioning Executive Council.   

This is the reason Local Number One has always been a target for the power-seekers of the Federation who seek to vilify the Local, announcing that it is a different organization, decrying the fact that the Local is incorporated, while at the same time they have interfered with the Local, changing its address in the records without the knowledge or permission of the active members.

The action of this group (chaired by Ruben Kush) was eerily similar to the action Reynolds and Fields took when they called their own “Convention” in 2012.

FIELDS had been suspended from the International Executive Council in 2011 for malfeasance (he incorporated his own Ethiopian World Federation in Los Angeles – apparently to accommodate his puppet master SEFAA in gaining access to the name and EIN number of the Federation without the knowledge of any other member on the Council) and

Reynolds voluntarily resigned from the Council (later that same year) based on his misinterpretation of the New York State statutes.

The leaders of this self-appointed “Interim Council” is aware that they are acting illegally and have made numerous attempts to get the Legal International President to attend their online meetings.  Some believe it is an underhanded way to announce to the membership that the President is a part of their group and their plan – giving the appearance of legality. 

They have co-opted ones they think she respects, e.g. Queenmother Moses who pleaded with her – she acquiesced and attended one of their online meetings in late 2019.  Despite her telling those on the call (including Dr. Rayburn who was one of the moderators) about the illicit activities of the Reynolds/Fields group – no one followed up with her.  He actually was brought into the EWF, Inc. by the Reynolds/Fields group that made him their President. 

No one was concerned that these members were representing the Federation using a dead man’s name.  They were not concerned that Fields and Reynolds were part of Ms. Morrison’s Council the year before they called their own Convention – apparently it suited their purpose to support illegality in the Federation because they really didn’t care enough about the organization. 

They were not concerned that Fields had tried to get the President to sign on to an online bank account which had the dead man’s name already as the owner of the account which was in the name of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.  One member stated “We hear all that already”.  That’s how unimportant the integrity and protection of the organization is to them. 

Acting as the International Organizer of the Reynolds/Fields illegal Council, Michael Whyte (Mikey Dan) of Local 12 had told the President that she has to “break the law sometimes”.

 That’s not what we would expect from members of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated. 

Now, in 2021, over the last two months she was asked to attend a few of their Saturday meetings.  When she again objected to the illegal activities of the Reynolds Group and SEFAA and Dr. Rayburn’s role working with them, and even though several members appeared to have concerns, not one of these self-appointed EWF officials leading the activities of the “Interim Council” communicated with her as to any concern or action they are taking. 

They had asked her to come on the call.  They chose to ask her publicly if she intends to participate in their “Unity” Convention.  She responded “No” and expressed that this was based on the illegalities of that she was witnessing. 

This group spoke openly of having groups or units that are not chartered Locals to participate by sending delegates to vote in their illegal convention in July 2021 because “they had worked so hard”. 

It became apparent that that those who are in charge do not care about the integrity of the organization.    


are misrepresenting yourselves to members and prospective members in that capacity;

are gathering members from across the globe to be part of your Local which will artificially inflate your representation at Convention

are intimately involved with the SEFAA controlled “Council” and involved with calling and leading this unconstitutional 2021 “Convention”.

Please note that in January 2021, Michael Whyte (Mikey Dan) Local 12 2020 President had delivered to the International President, the election result of Local 12, acknowledging that the International Council headed by Bishop Morrison was the legal International Executive Council.   


You informed us that you proposed to Local Number 12 that they gather members from across the globe and call this 2021 unconstitutional convention as part of leadership of this “Interim Council” which they are doing in cahoots with the Shashamane Federal Agents Association (SEFAA) and the Reynolds/Fields fraudulent Executive Council.  It therefore appears that Local 12 is acting in the capacity of International Council at your behest. 

You informed us that you appointed yourself Chief Country Representative after Brother Moody passed – promoting yourself from Deputy Country Representative.  This was the first time the International President or any member of Local One (who is not operating undercover or behind the veil with you) was hearing about this.

This position is not a self-appointing post. Appointing representatives on the Land Grant is the responsibility of the International Executive Council.

You appointed yourself as EWF, Inc. Representative to the African Union without the knowledge or permission of any legal and constitutional International Executive Council.  And without the knowledge of the membership.  Again, no members of Local One functioning with the body was aware of this travesty. 

Your presence in the African Union prevented an effort by SOAD to introduce the International President to the African to represent the Ethiopian World Federation.

Building your private home on land given to the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated by His and Her Imperial Majesties and the government of Ethiopia (we believe it was meant for the EWF, Inc. to build the organization’s Embassy), and then to later build your private hotel on the property as well without permission to do so.   This matter has to be addressed in order to ensure the property becomes available and accessible to the members of the Federation and to future generations.

It also appears, based on the conversation with the International President and other members of Local Number One on July 2, 2021 that you may be representing yourself as the voice or head of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated to Ethiopian government officials – denying the existence of this Executive Council, or probably choosing to present others that you would prefer in that capacity.  

(J) NOTICE TO PAST AND SUSPENDED COUNCIL MEMBERS AND INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENTS It has been brought to our attention and duly noted that certain members who no longer serve on any Council or who were suspended for cause, have been presenting themselves in public platforms as active representatives of the EWF, Inc., as members of this Council or the organization; some gathering members and creating unsanctioned groups with questionable intentions– AND some even seeking funds for supposed Ethiopian World Federation Projects.

To well-thinking and the devoted members of the Ethiopian World Federation, all Ethiopian/Afrikan/Indigenous peoples, this is an opportunity for those willing to come together to bring forward the Integrity and Sovereignty of Ethiopia, our Divine Heritage as per our Constitution & Bylaws.

Waiting until 2022 to have a legally called Convention with properly qualified Locals and delegates participating will not put the work of the organization on hold.  We have never put the work of the organization on hold. There is no need to go around the law to appease those whose insular interests are not aligned with that of the EWF, Inc. family and the organization.

Please contact the International President, Bishop G. Eveta Morrison or the organization’s attorney, _______________________ for an immediate resolution and cessation of all unsanctioned and illegal activities misrepresenting the Ethiopian World Federation.


Bishop G. Eveta Morrison – Sista Gem Askale Mariam
International President/Chair of the Board of Directors  

cc: The Administrative Law Judge, Supreme Court
of the State of New York, Brooklyn      
The Internal Revenue Service                           
New York Secretary of State     
United Nations – ECOSOC                                   
New York State Bar Association        
New York State Attorney General                        
US Attorney General’s Office      
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of the FDRE            
Ethiopian Embassy            
Department of State United States of America    
U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa      
The Parliament of State of the African Diaspora   
Chairperson of African Union  
Emma Young et. al
Barrymore Tittle et. al
Rashan Abdul Hakim aka Ruddy Duckett et. al.
Ras Adoniah
Linwood Fields et. al
Clayton Mahola Bernard and all iterations of this name and his other aliases
Decton Mitchell
Arthur Reynolds
Iadonis Tafari, LOJ – Lion of Judah Society
Sharon Nelson aka Sharie Nelson, aka Sandra Nelson Zungo, aka Sandra Nelson-Bey, aka Sandra Nielson, aka Sandra Nielson-Zungo, aka Sandra Neilson-Bey, aka Dr. S. Zungo
Alric Denham et. al.
Keisha Brooks, Esq., aka Kyesha Brooks, Esq.
Ambrose King – Ras Tages
John J. Douglas (Ras Untunga),
Antone Chatton
Ruel Benain (Ras Simeon)  
Tisha L.Salary- Mitchell MD.            
Vernon Vanoy (King Og)