1. International Finance and Fundraising Committee (Ways and Means)
  2. International Membership and Locals Liaison Committee:
    Benefits: Burial Fund Sub-Committee, Employment Sub-Committee
  3. International Education and Information Committee
    Sub-Committee: Technology & Communications
  4. International Public Relations, Publicity & Press Committee
  5. International Housing and Buildings Committee
    Sub-Committee: Housing Trust for Africa
  6. International Medical, Wellness & Welfare Committee
    Sub-Committee: Emergency Disaster Preparedness & Response
  7. International Committee on Women’s Issues,
  8. International Committee on Youth Issues
  9. International Committee on Men’s Issues
  10. International Legal Committee
  11. International Music & Culture Committee
  12. International Reparations and Repatriation Committee
  13. International Shashamane / Land Grants Development Committee
  14. International Relations Committee (UN/NGO/AU/Organizational & Governmental Relations)
  15. International Trade and Cooperatives Committee – Sub-committee: Agricultural Development
  16. International Committee on Church, Spirituality and Religious Issues